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Brisbane apartments to outperform houses: Moody's Analytics


"Queensland’s housing market has fared better than that in most other states, although it is still not immune to the nationwide downturn, according to the latest data from Moody's Analytics."

"The Queensland property market consists of three distinct groups."

"The first region constitutes the bulk of Brisbane, which has experienced healthy growth up to 2018 because of the improved services sector — but now is experiencing a moderate correction, though prices are expected to recover next year, especially for apartments."

"The contrast between apartment and house values is most evident in Brisbane-North, where house prices are expected to grow 0.4% in 2020, while apartment prices are set to rise by 6.2%; there is a similar spread for other regions in Brisbane and Greater Brisbane."

"Consequently, apartment prices are expected to perform better than house prices for Brisbane (and Greater Brisbane) in the medium term.

Moody’s Analytics forecasts house values to underperform throughout the forecast period, while apartment prices are expected to grow faster after a trough in late 2019 to early 2020."

"This is reversal of trend between the two asset classes from the past few years."

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