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Project Marketing

We have worked with some of Australia’s largest and most respected developers, selling more than 2,000 residential properties worth over 1 billion in sales value.


Project Property Sales is proud to work with leading developers who share our vision and values for high calibre residential properties and master planned communities.

Image by Sincerely Media



Project Property Sales, Brisbane’s leading specialists in project marketing are renowned for their focus and commitment to delivering expert product knowledge.


The team brings a wealth of 100+ combined years’ expertise from planning right through construction to completion and marketing the project.

We are continuously refining and evolving our project marketing to meet the current market trends.


Project Property Sales strives to achieve maximum success for developers through their exclusive off-the-plan and new developments, generating premium results. Our team has pinpointed the ideal buyer profiles, to be reached through a multi-facet approach of web ads, onsite displays, and our extensive database.

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